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Identify the boundaries of engineering systems


Members of the parliamentary committee for state regional policy reviewed the legislative initiative on changing the norms of the Housing Code. The parliamentarian and the head of the profile committee, Oleg Vasiliy explained that the law-in-draft was developed following meetings with representatives of housing cooperatives. The residents of apartment buildings had questions related to the operation of in-house engineering systems. Oleg Vasilaty gave an example when residents of the property owners association had to independently conduct and pay for repairs to the network site, which was located at a significant distance from their home.

The author supposes that the border of in-house engineering systems, which include heating, ventilation, gas supply, water supply and sewage networks, should be determined by the boundaries of the apartment house. For the section of networks from the boundaries of an apartment building to the point of connection to centralized systems, not tenants but energy supplying organizations should answer. According to the head of the profile committee, the communal services themselves agree with the proposed solution of the issue. Members of the committee supported the law-in-draft of the parliamentary colleague in the first reading.

Parliamentarians supported the draft resolution of the Supreme Council "On the approval of the standard nomenclature of the affairs of the Soviets of People's Deputies and the administrations of villages (settlements)". As the head of the responsible committee Oleg Vasilaty explained, this initiative is aimed at streamlining the work of local self-government bodies.

The work on improving the legal framework in the sphere of local self-government is conducted jointly with representatives of city councils, village and village administrations. Employees of the State Service for Management of Documentation and Archives also participated in the development of the above-mentioned document.