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Oleg Bayev, “We need to be more rational about everything that we have”

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, ЖКХ, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


Not only state target program is needed to restore irrigation systems in Pridnestrovie, but law. This is the opinion of the deputy corps. The Supreme Council adopted in the first reading law-in-draft "On land reclamation in the PMR" on November 4. The document was developed by the Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex. All this time the work on the law-in-draft in the second reading was going on. At the meeting of the relevant committee, proposals and comments to the law-in-draft received during this time were considered. These were mostly technical amendments. Chairman of the Committee Oleg Leontyev proposed to discuss the vision that has been formed by the Ministry of Agriculture, agrarians and the Committee, to accept these amendments, to remain in the second reading procedure and to continue working after the official conclusion of the Government. Deputy Chairman of the Government Stanislav Kasap during the discussion of the law-in-draft expressed the opinion that for the implementation of the law "On land reclamation" there is no need to adopt a separate state target program. Deputies of the Committee have a different point of view.

A proposal was made among others at the meeting that in situations where it is possible to save water resources, it is necessary to oblige land users to switch to alternative forms of irrigation, for example, drip. These technologies can be applied in orchards and vineyards.

Oleg Bayev told that the day before in Dubossary he had met with the management and employees of the Geologorazvedka State Unitary Enterprise. The technical base of the industry is outdated, the aquifer is sinking lower and lower, and with the equipment that is at the disposal of specialists, water can no longer be obtained. According to Oleg Bayev, it is necessary to re-equip our geological exploration and buy at least one modern drilling rig.

The committee supported the proposal to assemble a commission of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, deputies of the Supreme Council, land users and once again agree on all points of view on the law-in-draft "On land reclamation in the PMR". By the time of the final reading, all opinions and proposals that were voiced during the discussion of this important document for the republic should be taken into account.