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The provision of psychological assistance will be regulated by law

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There will be a law “On the provision of psychological assistance in the PMR” for the first time in the legal environment of the republic. The authors of the initiative are the deputies of the Supreme Council Mikhail Burla, Ilona Tyuryaeva and Sergey Vasiliev. Today, the relationship between those who provide psychological assistance and those who receive it is not regulated at the legislative level, but only in the form of oral agreements. The reason for the development of the law-in-draft was the increasing incidence of poor-quality provision of such a service.

It is also proposed to amend the Labor Code and the law “On licensing certain types of activities”. Specialists will not be able to provide psychological assistance if there is an appropriate court decision or such activity is prohibited for medical reasons.

It was noted at the meeting of the Committee that a huge number of unqualified psychologists are currently working in the republic. Pridnestrovians should have the right to receive quality assistance.

Deputies of the profile committee will recommend to the deputy corps to adopt the legislations in the first reading.