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The Hydrometers should be serviced by a Water Supply Organization


Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy considered amendments to the law "On drinking water supply" in the second reading mode. Submitted to the Supreme Council for consideration by the parliamentarian Vadim Krasnoselsky law-in-draft defines the obligation of the water supply organization or other organizations performing subscriber service to independently perform maintenance of water metering devices, including their replacement and verification. In order to implement the new norm of the Law, the author suggested introducing a mechanism for subscriber servicing.

According to parliamentarians, this law-in-draft will solve the long-standing problem. Citizens will no longer have to repair and verify hydrometers independently and for a one-off fee. The procedure will be the same as for gas and electricity supply companies.

Parliamentarians considered three alternative legislative initiatives. Deputies of the Grigoriopol and Dubossary city councils, as well as deputies of the profile committee proposed amendments to the law "On the basics of tax system". All three legislations deal with local taxes and fees.

As Oleg Vasilaty noted, the presence of such a number of legislative proposals on changing the system of local taxation shows that a lot of problems have accumulated in this sphere.

The profile committee recommended adoption of developed by parliamentarians the legislative initiative as a basis for further work.