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Owners of the metering device for drinking water consumption are obliged currently to transfer it for service to the water supply organization and pay a subscription fee for this according to the norms of the law. The consumer is obliged to conclude a subscription service agreement with the State Unitary Enterprise "Water Supply and Water Disposal", as a result of which a specialized organization carries out maintenance and repair work on metering devices for drinking water consumption. However, not all owners of water meters agree with such an obligation, because they consider that they can carry out repairs on their own, as well as check the meter after a certain period of time for a fixed fee. It is much cheaper than paying a constant subscription fee in their opinion. The deputies receive many complaints on this occasion with a request to resolve this situation.

The main motive is the disagreement to conclude an agreement for the subscription service of drinking water metering devices, since they are the property of the consumer, since people purchased and installed them at their own expense.

Deputies of the Supreme Council Anton Onufrienko and Grigory Dyachenko came up with a legislative initiative and proposed to abolish the norm of the law, which obliges to conclude an agreement for the maintenance of water meters.

Deputies of the profile committee decided to study in more detail the issue of servicing meters. The problem must be resolved cardinally in the opinion of the parliamentarians. To date, no questions arise with the maintenance of gas or electricity meters. The organizations supplying electricity or natural gas independently maintain metering devices.

The deputies decided within the framework of the relevant committee to create a working group to study the issue and further implement the possibility of switching to a service scheme for water meters, similar to servicing gas and electric meters. Deputies of the committee on the agro-industrial complex in the meantime will recommend to the Supreme Council to adopt the amendments to the law “On drinking water supply in the PMR” in the first reading.