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The Doctrine of Education

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Culture considered the legislative initiative of Deputy Oleg Vasilaty, aimed at development by the authorized body of the educational strategy of Pridnestrovie, with consideration of the document by the Supreme Council. According to the author, the development of the initiative is due to fundamental problems in the system of organization of public education in the republic.

The proposal of the legislator aroused a lively interested discussion. Parliamentarians and representatives of the Ministry of Education supported the concept of the law-in-draft, which provides for a unified approach to education. At the same time, they reminded that it is necessary to take into account: our republic is integrated into the Russian educational space with its dynamically developing and changing standards.

Another profile law-in-draft concerned changes in the law "On Education" in the part of legal regulation of experimental and innovative activities in the sphere of education. Representatives of the Ministry of Education proposed to change the concept of "innovation program", specifying that innovation is not only products with new technologies, but also products with new quality. The drafters agreed with the argumentation and recommended the law-in-draft for adoption, taking into account the amendments.

Members of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture considered and approved a number of draft laws submitted by the deputy corps colleagues.