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Deputies are working on the president's instructions implementation

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The task of preparing personnel, in demand for the economy of the republic, was set by the President Vadim Krasnoselsky before the profile ministry, as well as the leadership of the university. Earlier, the President at the meeting discussed the issue of concluding a contract with graduates-state employees. They told about how to resolve this issue at the legislative level in the course of the meeting of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture.

It is proposed to oblige graduates who have been trained at the expense of the republican budget, to work according to the received specialty in the bodies of state power, local self-government, organizations of any organizational and legal forms of ownership. If a specialist refuses to work, he will have to compensate the cost of training. The procedure for concluding and terminating, as well as the standard form of the agreement on the provision of educational services, will be approved by the Ministry of Education.

Deputies of the profile committee generally supported the idea of ​​the law-in-draft initiated by the government, but emphasized that it is necessary to develop the most transparent and effective mechanism.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education agree with the opinion of the deputies.

Among the amendments supported by the relevant committee are a number of amendments to the law "On Education". The draft law was developed in connection with the existing legal collision related to the work of general education lyceums and gymnasium complexes. Mikhail Burla proposed to strengthen the rule that admission to these institutions should be conducted on a competitive basis. Until now, the procedure for enrolling higher education in public organizations has not been enshrined in legislation. The law-in-draft is supported immediately in two readings.