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To ensure timely financing of the road sector

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


The Government developed a number of amendments to the law "On the Road Fund of PMR". It was proposed to allow financing of winter maintenance of roads by specialized enterprises without approval of road development programs. There is a practice in the republic when due to various reasons the law on the republican budget is not approved before the beginning of the calendar year. According to the authors of the law-in-draft, its adoption will allow to finance the road sector in the necessary amount and in a timely manner, which will help to ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free traffic in winter. Parliamentarians supported the initiative of the government, calling this approach "reasonable and efficient". In the course of the meeting of the committee it was noted that the order of financing will be approved by the government. A corresponding amendment will soon be made by Parliamentarians.

In the course of the meeting of the profile parliamentary committee held today, the deputies in the second reading supported the initiative aimed at reducing the rate on payment for agricultural land. The exemption will apply to land plots located within the boundaries of settlements. A group of deputies of the Supreme Council: Alexander Korshunov, Sergei Pisarenko, Igor Yarych, Yefimy Koval, Oleg Bayev, Valeriy Babchinetsky, Porfiry Shkilnyuk and Oleg Leontiev are the authors of the law-in-draft. According to the authors, thus the state will support agricultural producers, create more favorable working conditions for farmers.