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On the protection of health, employment and benefits


In the course of the regular meeting of the parliamentary committee on social policy, deputies considered an important issue regarding the draft budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund for 2020.

This situation is due both to the increase in budget revenues due to deductions growth of the unified social tax, and the fact that a large number of Pridnestrovian pensioners transferred to a pension in a foreign country. 88% of the fund’s expenses will be spent on pensions and allowances, 167 million rubles are planned to be spent on social insurance, 51 million - on maternity and child benefits.

Members of the Committee on Social Policy supported the proposal of the President to transfer forensic medical examinations from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The support of the people's representatives and the government’s proposal on the possibility of acquiring for the orphans and children left without parental care not only found apartments, but also houses in the countryside, found support. One of the conditions is the orphan’s desire. According to deputies, this legislative change will allow for more active implementation of the state program to provide this category of socially vulnerable citizens with housing. The program is designed for 2018–2027.

Support for members of the Committee was also found in legislations, aimed at increasing social benefits for citizens caring for children with cancer, burial payments; providing benefits for utility legislations and public transport to parents whose children died from the effects of the hostilities of '92; creation of a republican vacancy bank.