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About the situation of children

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture heard the report “On the situation of children in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in 2017”. The Minister of Education Tatyana Loginova acquainted with the main provisions of the parliamentarians. The report presents an analysis of the main aspects of children's life (education, spiritual and physical development, health, nutrition, leisure), identified a number of problems, and also identified measures aimed at improving the situation.

Deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture discussed the draft Concept of budget and tax policy. Parliamentarians addressed a number of proposals to government representatives regarding the development and functioning of the education sector. According to the deputies, the concept should include a program for the development of PSU named after T.G. Shevchenko.

Among the recommendations made by the elected representatives of the people there are maximum computerization of the educational process, the introduction of distance learning.

Deputies will send all recommendations concerning the concept to the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance. The Supreme Council will consider the document in the second reading at the next plenary session.