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Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


The Government proposed to make a number of changes and additions to the law "On the road fund". The law-in-draft was considered during the meeting of the committee on agriculture, transport, construction, natural resources and the environment. As explained by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maria Glushkova, at present, only legal entities pay tax on vehicle owners, however, if the vehicle is leased by an organization from an individual, no tax is levied on it. The government believes the tenant is obliged to pay tax if it uses a private car for commercial purposes.

Legislative initiative was developed on the instructions of the President. To a greater extent, it is aimed at regulating the activities of taxi service firms. Often, without having its own fleet of vehicles, the company enters into contracts with individuals for car rental, operating under a patent, and then does not pay tax to the Road Fund. At the same time, according to the deputies, there are questions to taxi drivers not only in the sphere of taxation.

These moments also require legislative regulation, parliamentarians are sure. Taking into account the comments made, the law-in-draft was recommended for adoption in the first reading.

A number of legislative initiatives were developed by deputies of the responsible committee. They proposed to amend the law "On land charges." The draft law is aimed at specifying the mechanism for granting tax privileges for land users whose land plots are under construction, under reconstruction.

According to parliamentarians, tax relief should be granted from the moment of issuance of a building permit or reconstruction of the object.

Another initiative of the deputies of the committee is aimed at supporting the enterprises of the mining industry. The authors proposed to establish for these enterprises the deadline for the submission of financial statements, in particular, for payments for environmental pollution, once a year, until December 25.

The deputies of the committee proposed to clear the Bendery health camps from rent payments for the use of the lands of the state forest fund. The amendments were prepared in the law “On the republican budget 2018” and are aimed at supporting health-improving organizations.

Deputies of the committee recommended all three legislative initiatives to the deputies to adopt in the first reading.