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On the Concept of National Security and the Powers of State Administrations


The Supreme Council is considering a draft Concept of National Security, the author of which is the PMR President. The document was discussed today by the deputies of the Legislation Committee. The proposed project has 13 sections. They relate to political, military, state, public, economic, food, social security and other spheres. The main principles of the Concept are highlighted, among which are the observance of the norms of legislation, constitutional human rights and freedoms. The goal of the project according to the official representative is to systematize views on ensuring the security of the individual, society and state in the republic from external and internal threats.

One of the priority directions of ensuring the political security of the republic is the implementation of foreign policy activities focused on the recognition of Pridnestrovie, on the Eurasian integration, as well as strengthening the international authority of our state. The need to oppose the use in international practice of economic, political and other coercive measures aimed at infringing the rights of Pridnestrovians to self-determination is noted. Among the areas of work in the field of political security, it is also distinguished to bring to the wide circles of the world community objective information about the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and its position.

According to the project, the PMR President manages the system of ensuring national security, who exercises his powers in this area through the Security Council and executive bodies of state power. The Supreme Council regulates legislation in the field of national security and monitors its implementation. The draft Concept was recommended by the deputies of the relevant committee for adoption in the first reading.

The agenda of the meeting of the Committee included the issue of adjusting the norms of the law “On local authorities, local self-government and state administration in the PMR”. The law has been in effect since 1994. It is necessary to bring it into line with the actual powers of the state administrations of cities and regions of the republic. The law-in-draft is being prepared for consideration in the first reading. It was noted at the meeting of the Committee that it is necessary to clarify the powers in the field of guardianship and trusteeship for the second reading. The second law-in-draft concerning amendments to the law "On local authorities, local self-government and state administration in the PMR" is proposed to give the authority to the state administrations of cities and districts to assign addresses to real estate objects located outside the village. We are talking about horticultural cooperatives located on garden, summer cottages. To date, the authorized body is not defined in the legislation. The amendments to the law will be considered by the deputies of the Supreme Council at one of the plenary sessions.