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New Measures of Support

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


The Government offered to provide tax incentives to construction organizations using high-tech technologies in their activities. The corresponding legislative initiative was considered in the course of the meeting of the Committee of the Supreme Council on agro-industrial complex, transport, construction and natural resources.

The deputies supported the proposal of the developer and recommended the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading, noting that the mechanism for granting preferences to construction organizations was regulated by the Government.

The Government developed a legislative initiative, which proposes to release state and municipal institutions engaged in breeding and seed production from payment of state fees for registration and support of plant varieties.

The Committee supported the legislative initiative and recommended its colleagues to adopt in the first reading.

In the course of the meeting, parliamentarians considered legislations on changing the Land and Water Codes. With a view to improving the land legislation, the Prosecutor of the Republic proposed to unify the procedure for providing land and legal entities with land, having prescribed in one article of the code clear requirements for the implementation of this procedure, and also to oblige the authorized body to provide the applicants with a reasoned response on the allocation or refusal to land plot allocation. The initiative was supported by deputies of the profile committee.

As for the Water Code, the Government's proposal to introduce a new norm to it, caused questions to the deputies. The Executive Body developed a number of measures, including prohibiting measures, on the use of water protection zones. In the opinion of parliamentarians, only by prohibitions the ecology of water bodies is not preserved, the water legislation is outdated and requires qualitative renewal.

Deputies of the profile committee supported the legislative initiative, according to which the payment for land will be levied from land users along with the submission of tax reports, quarterly. Now this payment has to be made earlier than the deadline, which complicates the work of farmers.