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The committees of the Supreme Council began their work in the new year. The legislations are being prepared for consideration, which will be on the agenda of the spring session of the VI convocation. It is planned to finalize many initiatives of the past year. The first meeting was held in the committee on legislation. The work of the committee can be called the most active in 2018: 27 meetings were held and 474 legislations and 38 resolutions of the Supreme Council were considered.

The agenda of today's meeting of the committee on legislation includes about 20 issues. Among them there are amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. Deputies considered two alternative legislations, prepared by the government and relevant parliamentary committee. The documents deal with the elimination of the existing problems in terms of the prohibition of the use of the vehicle and the removal of state license plates. Representatives of the executive body and deputies agreed to take a parliamentary document as a basis. They are invited to exclude from the Administrative Code of this type of security proceedings in case of an administrative offense. The profile committee is ready when finalizing for the second reading of the law-in-draft to exclude possible controversial issues.

The deputies of the profile committee considered the legislative initiative of their colleagues - parliamentarians Galina Antyufeyeva and Vitaly Kalin - to amend some legislative acts. The purpose of the initiative is to supplement cases of accelerated state registration of the right to an immovable property. According to the authors, this will contribute to the provision of quality services in the shortest possible time.