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It is necessary to make the education system attractive

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Deputies of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture discussed a number of amendments to the law "On the Republican Budget 2018". The author of the law-in-draft is Mikhail Burla. The legislation is designed to provide additional citizenship for training in unclaimed budget places. Today, according to the current legislation, such an additional set is prohibited.

The figures were quoted during the last meeting of the committee. Last year, at the time of the end of the admission campaign on August 1, 173 budget places remained unclaimed. These are mainly pedagogical and agrarian specialties. The top lines are economic and legal specialties. Children who do not enter a popular profile should get the opportunity to switch to a free direction.

Mikhail Burla emphasized that the additional reception of citizens for training on unclaimed budget places will be carried out within the planned set of entrants at the expense of the republican budget. Adoption of this law-in-draft does not require additional financial costs. Management of the PSU named after T.G. Shevchenko supported the legislation.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education spoke in support of the legislative initiative. Experts called the "catastrophic" situation related to the outflow of young people from Pridnestrovie. It is necessary to make the education system attractive. In Russia, for example, an additional set is conducted until September 1.

The legislative initiative raised questions among representatives of the Ministry of Finance, who opposed the redistribution of entrants. In their opinion, it is necessary to revise the control figures of admission to the university. As noted today, since this year, for some of the most popular specialties, the number of budget places has been reduced. For example: the economic department this year will take on the budget for 6 people (previously there were 10) for each direction. However, most of the participants of the discussion spoke about this today, it is unacceptable to reduce the number of places on unpopular specialties (pedagogical and agrarian). These specialists are in demand on the labor market.

After a lengthy discussion, the committee's deputies decided to support the law-in-draft, recommending it to be adopted in two readings at once.