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On the agenda of the Committee on Education and Public Associations

Комитет по образованию, науке, культуре, общественным объединениям, спорту, информационной и молодежной политике


The Committee on Education, Public Associations and the Media reviewed the draft budget for 2022. The deputies focused on specialized areas. In particular, next year the program "Textbook" will continue to work, items of expenditure are directed to the purchase of housing for orphans, funds have been allocated for research work. The parliamentarians prepared the conclusion of the Committee on the submitted draft budget-2022.

Among the core issues are amendments to the law "On Education". We are talking about teaching students at the expense of the state. An agreement is concluded at the same time that obliges graduates to work in the received profession in the direction of training from 1 to 3 years in government bodies, local governments or other organizations. Those who study in public professional institutions under residency programs are not covered by this agreement. The deputies of the Education Committee - Igor Buga, Andrey Safonov, Oleg Vasilaty, Pavel Shinkaryuk proposed to remove the legislative gap. They have made adjustments to reflect the shortage of senior medical personnel. The corresponding law-in-draft was recommended for adoption in the first reading. After the proposed changes are made, the agreement will also apply to university graduates who have mastered residency programs.

Another law-in-draft, proposed by Deputy Igor Buga and Pavel Shinkaryuk, concerns the extension of the period when a non-profit organization can make decisions by absentee voting, regardless of whether the procedure for its implementation is spelled out: online or offline. The fact is that the Supreme Council on May 26 passed a law that allows non-profit organizations to hold meetings online by exchanging documents in electronic form, by phone or by mail. At the same time, the law stipulates that absentee voting can be carried out only if the possibility of such voting is stipulated by the constituent documents of a non-profit organization. Due to the quarantine measures caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the law prescribed that such decisions taken before December 31, 2021 will be considered legal. Due to the fact that the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the republic continues, the deputies proposed to extend this period for another year - until the end of 2022. The relevant committee will support the adoption of the law-in-draft in two readings in the course of the plenary session.