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"Leather Ball" is in the game


The development of mass sports should become one of the priority spheres of domestic state policy. An indisputable belief in this was expressed by the participants of the round table, whose meeting was held on the site of the Supreme Council. The meeting was initiated by deputies of the Committees on State Regional Policy and Public Associations, Sports, Information and Youth Policy. The discussion was attended by representatives of the Administration of the President, the Ministry of Trade and the State Service for Sport, the Youth Parliament, the public, including the Republican Football Federation.

Chairman of the Committee on State Regional Policy Oleg Vasilatiy, starting the discussion, noted that the main goal of the meeting was to draw attention of state authorities to the acute need for development of mass sports among all categories of citizens.

The parliamentarian explained that today there is a lack of interest, especially among the younger generation, to participate in sports competitions, amateur tournaments, as it was before, during the Soviet era.

All participants of the round table meeting agreed with this opinion. Without risk of loss alternative to virtual games for the younger generation is to be a sporting game. In particular, present at the meeting representatives of the Republican Football Federation spoke about the need to develop, above all, game sports. As a pilot project, the vice-president of the Football Federation, Sergei Ursul, proposed to revive the popular in the Soviet era, but today forgotten football tournament "Leather Ball" and hold it among schoolchildren throughout the republic. The profile ministry supported this idea - each school will be asked to form a football team. The tournament can be held this autumn.

Chairman of the parliamentary committee on public associations, sport, information and youth policy Igor Buga noted that the experience of holding football tournaments among courtyard teams is already available in Tiraspol. In order for this trend to develop, children need sports grounds for training. First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Alexey Pakulich informed the participants that today the state program for the reconstruction of sports facilities is in the process of formation, it will help to solve this problem.

Following the meeting, the participants adopted a resolution in which they outlined the main directions for the development of mass sports.