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Minus one barrier in the way of entrepreneurs

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


In accordance with the norms of the Civil Code, the mortgage agreement is subject to notarization. At the same time, other legislative acts provide that, apart from notarization, a mortgage agreement is subject to state registration. The parliamentarians believe that the notary's assurance of the said contract is unjustified, since it actually duplicates the functions of state registration. During the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry held today, it was noted that entrepreneurs bear significant material costs when passing through two similar procedures at once.

Parliamentarians suppose that the barrier that arises on the way of entrepreneurs must be eliminated. The authors of the corresponding law-in-draft were parliamentarians Victor Guzun, Vadim Kravchuk, Vadim Doni, Andrei Mezhinsky, Vadim Levitsky. The developers propose to exclude the requirement of mandatory notarization of the mortgage agreement. At the same time, state registration in the Registration Chamber remains mandatory.

The specialized parliamentary committee supported the legislative initiative, designed to expand the list of types of entrepreneurial activities, the implementation of which is possible on the basis of patent. We are talking about the provision of such services as a trampoline, as well as the rental of bicycles, electric vehicles. Previously, these categories of entrepreneurs needed to register business as a legal entity, which is quite costly, taking into account the seasonal nature of these services. Parliamentarians Viktor Guzun, Vadim Kravchuk, Vadim Doni, Andrei Mezhinsky, Vadim Levitsky are proposing amendments to the law "On the individual entrepreneurial patent".

In the course of held today meeting of the Committee, parliamentarians considered the legislative initiative of colleague Vadim Kravchuk. The deputy studied the situation related to the state of the walnut along the public roads.

The legislative initiative was supported by deputies of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry.