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Measures to stabilize the economy

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


The Committee on Economic Policy continued to work on the law-in-draft “On additional measures aimed at stabilizing the economy of the PMR”. The basis for the development of this law-in-draft was the appeal of the organizations of the clothing industry, because today there is an acute shortage of seamstresses at the enterprises.

One of the reasons for the current situation was the migration of the working population of the republic, including sewing workers, to the Republic of Moldova in order to earn higher wages.

The existing shortage of workers, in the opinion of the organizations of the clothing industry can be filled by attracting new workers from among the residents of the settlements bordering the territory of Pridnestrovie who are not residents of Pridnestrovie to the sewing enterprises of the republic. However it was decided in the process of discussing this draft law, not to be limited only to the sewers, but to expand the list of working specialties by workers in the industrial sector, as well as agriculture. The main incentive for such workers should be to reduce the tax burden by providing standard wage deductions for wages established by the current legislation of the PMR for residents only.

The Committee will recommend this law-in-draft to the Supreme Council in plenary meeting to adopt it in the second reading.

In addition, deputies at the meeting considered changes and additions to the state program of privatization and privatization for 2018-2019.

According to the law-in-draft, the Government proposes to privatize 8 organizations in order to attract additional investments and ensure efficient production activities of organizations.

According to deputies, some objects, such as “Tiramed” and “Expocenter of Pridnestrovie”, should be excluded from the list of objects intended for privatization and incorporation. Instead, according to the deputies, it is necessary to consider how to make the work of these organizations more effective with the existing form of Government.

Deputies considered additions to the law "On Education".

This law-in-draft was developed in order to improve the efficiency of state and municipal educational organizations, on whose balance sheet there are objects of industrial and social infrastructure.

Further content of such properties, which have lost their production and social purpose, is not economically feasible, consider the developers of the law-in-draft.

Deputies supported the law-in-draft and will recommend adopting in plenary session in the second reading.