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Benefits for all retirees

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


According to the current legislation, there is a privilege in paying for land for pensioners who have reached the retirement age in our republic. At the same time, until now, the law has not specifically indicated which category of pensioners are beneficiaries of benefits – only those who receive a pension in accordance with the legislation of the PMR, or the benefit also applies to those pensioners who receive a pension under the legislation of a foreign state.

Deputies of the Supreme Council Viktor Guzun and Vadim Kravchuk proposed to ensure the right to receive benefits within the framework of the law "On payment for land" to all citizens of the PMR of retirement age, regardless of the legislation according to which they are recipients of pensions. The Supreme Council has already passed the bill in the first reading. The amendments that have been received to date were considered at today's meeting of the relevant committee. The AIC Committee will recommend the adoption of the law-in-draft with amendments and additions to the law "On payment for land" in the final reading.