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Benefit for training for large families, teacher nutrition in schools and dual education

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The concept of a "large family" will be expanded. Now a large family is considered to be a family that brings up at least three children under 18 years of age, and if they study full-time at colleges, technical schools and universities, then until graduation or up to 23 years. A group of deputies of the Supreme Council proposed to consider a family with many children until the end of their studies or the attainment of 23 years of a disabled child of group I, who is studying in a college or technical school by correspondence. Amendments are made to the law "On state support for large families."

The committee prepared the initiative of the Slobodzeya City Council on amendments to the law "On Education" for the second reading. It is proposed that the competence of district public education department include not only the organization of nutrition for children, but also the organization of nutrition on a paid basis for employees of school and preschool institutions.

Mikhail Burla proposes to introduce the concept of “dual education” and to distribute the powers to implement the dual education system between executive bodies of state power in the laws “On Education” and “On the Development of Primary and Secondary Vocational Education”. The implementation of the program on practice-oriented training in Pridnestrovie began in January 2018. This form of training involves theoretical training in an educational organization, such as a college, and practical training in an enterprise. A number of Pridnestrovian enterprises are participating in the dual education project, but this method of obtaining education is not enshrined in legislation.