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Who is responsible for repairing utility networks?


Deputies considered amendments made to the Housing Code in the second reading. They relate to the division of responsibility for repair of communal networks of heat, water, gas supply and electric networks running around the perimeter of the house. Often there is a situation when a road is over water pipes or heating mains. In order to change the pipe, they need to remove the asphalt, dig a trench, and then restore the road. According to the deputies of the Committee, tenants should not bear the costs of servicing these sites.

A corresponding government decree already exists; its implementation is being delayed for technical reasons. It is difficult to assess the cost of a particular segment of engineering networks, to find out on whose balance they are, how old they are and what their residual value is. The issue is practically not being resolved today because of these points. The deputies consider that all these issues should be resolved at the legislative level, therefore, they will recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the amendments to the Housing Code proposed by the Committee in final reading.

The owners of non-residential premises of apartment buildings will be obliged to take part in the maintenance of the entire house. Shops and other commercial facilities are often located in high-rise buildings on the ground floors or in basements. However, under current law, the owners of these premises are not required to participate in the maintenance of the entire house. The group of deputies of the Committee proposed to amend the Housing Code accordingly. Proposals and comments on the law-in-draft were considered today in the course of the meeting. The committee will recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the law-in-draft in final reading.

Deputy Oleg Vasilaty proposed to legislatively enshrine the concept of “deputy act”, as well as the conditions for its execution and the authority of the people's deputy to compile this document.

The need for the adoption of the law-in-draft, according to Oleg Vasilaty, is due to the absence in the legal environment of regulation of relations between the People’s Deputy and the persons concerned regarding the preparation of the deputy act. Today deputy act is actively applied at the level of local Soviets in our republic. The document is prepared when fixing conflict situations regarding housing issues, cases when it is necessary to confirm that building materials that a person needs to transport through customs are used for personal needs, and in a number of other situations. The deputy act in such cases becomes a document confirming the validity of the information or circumstances to which the applicant refers.

Deputies supported amendments to the law "On the Status of People's Deputies of Local Councils of People's Deputies of the PMR". The committee will recommend the law-in-draft for adoption to the Supreme Council in the first reading. Work on the document will continue, taking into account comments and suggestions received from the President and Government.