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How is the elevator maintenance fee charged


The parliamentarians returned to discussing the issue of fees for the use and maintenance of elevators. The Government proposed to improve legislation in this part. Currently there are some contradictions. According to the Housing Code, the maintenance fee for an elevator is determined according to the size of the owner’s living space. However, in accordance with regulation of the Government, the fee is calculated depending on the number of citizens registered in the apartment. It is proposed to exclude the norm from the Housing Code by settling the issue at the level of the secondary legislation.

However, representatives of organizations for maintenance and maintenance of elevators have a different position.

Taking into account the importance of the initiative, the deputies recommended adopting the law-in-draft in the first reading. The final point in this matter will be put in plenary session.

Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy discussed changes in the law “On burial and funeral business”. The author of the law-in-draft was Deputy Anton Onufienko. As it was noted, certain provisions of the law in force since 1999 are outdated and need to be improved.

Previously, issues related to burial and funeral affairs were considered in the course of the meeting of the working group. Representatives of local authorities were invited to discuss the issue. They discussed the contradictions in the legislation related to the distribution of powers between the Soviets of People's Deputies and state administrations. According to the legislators, it is necessary to observe the principle of unity, completeness and consistency of the system of legal acts. Deputies of the relevant committee recommended adopting the law-in-draft in the first reading.