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The Budget Adjustments

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


Parliamentarians of the Supreme Council Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance held the first meeting this year. The subject of their discussion were legislations, submitted by the President in the regime of legislative necessity. The President proposed to make amendments and addendum to the recently enacted law "On the Republican Budget 2018". One of the standards is proposed before the approval of local budgets and road construction programs to enshrine at the legislative level the possibility of using the means of road fund in the amount of 1/12 of last year's expenditures, but only under the article "Road maintenance". The legislative initiative of the President was recommended by the members of the Committee to the deputy corps for adoption in two readings at once.

The author of amendments and addendum to the main financial document of the year was also the head of the profile parliamentary committee Alexander Korshunov. They concern the adjustment of the marginal rate of budget expenditures for the functioning of local self-government bodies, as well as the production of the PRB of an advance payment of 25 million rubles from future profits to the state budget.

Members of the profile committee approved the report of the Central Election Commission on the spending of funds for organizing and conducting additional and repeated elections of deputies of the 6th Supreme Council convocation October 1, 2017. The head of the CEC asked to find means for material incentives for members of election commissions, especially since April 1 in the republic. It is planned to hold additional elections to representative bodies of local self-government at four electoral districts.