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Adjustment of legislation to educate sportsmen

Комитет по образованию, науке, культуре, общественным объединениям, спорту, информационной и молодежной политике


The work of the Olympic Reserve School will be regulated by law. This State educational institution of secondary vocational education was opened in 2019 on the basis of the Tiraspol school No. 4. It was created so that young sportsmen can simultaneously receive general education and train.

The Committee on Education, Sports, Information and Youth Policy considered today the draft laws supplementing the laws "On physical culture and sports in the PMR" and "On education". For example, the concepts of sports training program and the training process are introduced.

The peculiarity of the Olympic Reserve School is that the children study, train, live and eat here. The institution conducts classes in such sports as swimming, volleyball, boxing, athletics and other. The first graduates will leave the school in 2023. They will receive a Coach-Teaching Diploma, which will enable them to work in the sports after completing their sports career.

Deputies of the relevant committee recommend the relevant draft laws for adoption in the first reading at the plenary session of the Supreme Council.