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To provide transportation to the place of treatment

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Child Affairs considered legislative initiative, prepared by parliamentary colleagues Vadim Kravchuk and Andrey Safonov, who represent the interests of residents of the city of Rybnitsa in the parliament. Representatives of the regional branch of the Union of Defenders of Pridnestrovie asked to assist in ensuring the passage of participants of military operations to the capital for routine treatment and rehabilitation. On the basis of citizens' appeals, parliamentarians drafted legislation on changing the norms of the law "On Social Protection of War Veterans".

Such a norm is also in the legislation of the Russian Federation, it provides for the provision of free travel for veterans of military operations on suburban railway transport, as well as on intercity transport to the place of treatment and back. The price of the issue in our republic is about 55 thousand rubles. Several hundreds of defenders of the PMR are in need of getting to the place of treatment. For example, there are about two hundred veterans of military operations for the protection of PMR live in Rybnitsa. The legislative initiative in the committee was supported and recommended to the Supreme Council to adopt it in the first reading.

Members of the parliamentary committee spoke in favor of adopting in the first reading a legislative initiative to supplement the law "On State Pension Provision of Citizens", proposed by the government. The law-in-draft proposes to expand the category of recipients. The "second" pension for this category of recipients will be about 1400 rubles.

Deputies of the Committee recommended adoption in the second reading of the amendments to the law "On the Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities", which prohibits discrimination of people with disabilities on the territory of the republic. Along with this, the Supreme Council at present time considers the question of joining Pridnestrovie to the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted 11 years ago by the UN. During this period, more than two hundred states joined it, including Russia.