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Oleg Vasilaty, “Maintenance of kindergartens and schools is the state’s responsibility

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Parliamentarian Oleg Vasilatiy proposed new law-in-draft aimed at amending the basic law “On Education” to the colleagues from the Committee on Education, Science and Culture of the Supreme Council. Its essence is in the prohibition of the creation in schools and kindergartens of non-profit organizations whose activities are aimed at supporting the material and technical base of educational institutions.

According to Oleg Vasilaty, we are dealing with a situation where the state shifts to some extent the burden of maintaining educational institutions to parents, which, in the opinion of the people's deputy, is unacceptable.

The deputy welcomes the sponsorship of kindergartens and schools by various enterprises, organizations, companies, provided that their leaders are not parents of children brought up and studying in these educational institutions.

The first step towards ensuring that the state to a greater extent take responsibility for the material equipment of educational institutions of the secondary education system can be a special fund, which is conditionally called the Territorial Development Fund. The amount of 20 million rubles may provide in the draft republican budget for next year. Part of the funds, approximately 6 million rubles, is planned to be allocated from it to cities and regions for the preparation and holding of two anniversary dates - the 75th anniversary of the Victory and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the PMR. The rest of the money is supposed to be spent on the purchase of sports equipment, instruction books, stationery, chemicals, physical devices, etc. for schools and preschool educational institutions.

Negative conclusions on the law-in-draft of Oleg Vasilatiy were given by the Republic Prosecutor and the government. In their opinion, the deputy’s proposal contradicts the current norms of the Civil Code and the law on charity, which involves the creation of non-profit partnerships, which are entitled to establish financial funds in support of a particular educational institution.

In general, supporting the idea of ​​the law-in-draft, the majority of the deputies of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture considered it untimely, since at present the state, having limited financial resources, is not able to ensure the full updating of the material and technical base of educational institutions.

Parliamentarians in the course of the committee meeting adjusted the content of the state textbook program with a validity period until 2021. This is due to the fact that the government issued a decree according to which the fee for using textbooks was canceled. The general need and the list of teaching aids necessary for the production of educational materials have already been determined by the Ministry of Education.