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Oleg Leontiev, "Targeted budget funds should be spent for their intended purpose"

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


Discussion of the concept of fiscal and tax policy continues for the medium term in the profile committees. This strategically important document was developed by the government and adopted by the Supreme Council in the first reading. The second reading of the draft concept is scheduled for July 11. In this connection, the deputies of the Committee on agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, natural resources and ecology voiced amendments to the proposal to the developer.

In particular, the parliamentarians proposed government to reconsider the approach to payment for land. According to Oleg Leontiev, there are different categories of lands in the republic depending on the purpose, the quality of the soil, the availability of infrastructure, and therefore the payment for the use of land must be differentiated. These criteria can be laid in the basis of the new mechanism.

The parliamentarians expressed their position on the issue of adjusting the tax burden for agricultural producers, which was announced by the government in the draft concept.

In turn, the profile committee considers that an increase in the tax burden for all sectors of agriculture will not have a tangible effect. According to the chairman of the profile parliamentary committee Oleg Leontiev, it is necessary not only subsidize certain areas, but in general create conditions for the storage, processing and sale of all agricultural products.

The chairman of SPAPP, Yuri Cheban, agreed with the fact that the republic needs a unified state program to support the agro-industrial complex. Representatives of the government assured the deputies that such a document is under preparation. The tariff policy towards producers of agricultural products drew the attention of representatives of the executive authority of the parliamentarian Ivan Nedelkov. In his opinion, energy tariffs should be the same for all Agribusiness entities, regardless of the form of ownership. This proposal was also taken into account in the committee's conclusion.

Another important topic is targeted budget funds. The profile committee expressed its conviction that these budget resources should be spent strictly on purpose.

Taking into account the made suggestions, the deputies of the profile committee recommended to the Supreme Council to adopt the draft concept of budget and tax policy for the medium-term perspective in the second and final reading.