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What is the price of school supplies

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The  Conference on education, science and culture. The agenda includes issues of non-core legislations.

The parliamentarians in the second reading discussed amendments to the law “On Wages of Public Service Employees, Monetary Provision of Military Personnel and People Equal in Terms of Paying Monetary Satisfaction, Maintenance of Government Civil Servants”. The author, Chairman of the profile committee Mikhail Burla suggested clarifying the notion of “young specialist”, as well as defining the procedure for appointing and paying salaries to employees. Currently, the status of the legislative level is not clearly regulated.

According to legislators, it is necessary to establish an age limit of up to 30 years. We are discussing. The final decision of the issue should be made by the deputies. The law-in-draft is recommended for adoption in the second reading.

There are changes to the law “On prices and tariffs” among non-core issues. The government proposed to revise the procedure for determining prices for school supplies.

The deputies note: the current legislation (the law "On prices (tariffs) and pricing")) refers to school supplies for the most significant goods that are subject to state regulation of prices.

Legislative initiative assumes that the state regulation of prices will be carried out in accordance with the list defined by the legal act of the government. In the list there are the most popular and inexpensive accessories used for educational purposes.

The final decision on this issue should be taken by deputies in the plenary session.