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Who will pay the damage?

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The relevant parliamentary committee considered a legislative initiative of the government on introducing amendments and addenda to the law “On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners”. It concerns the determination of the procedure for the use of CTP by foreign car owners. According to the current version of the law, the auto-citizen mechanism for foreigners should start on January 1 of the next year. The government proposed to postpone this date to April 1. According to Deputy Prime Minister Stanislav Kasap, not all border checkpoints are equipped with representative offices of insurance companies. However, the author proposed a solution to the problem relating to the implementation of the insurance mechanism for foreign car owners.

The so-called green card is an international system of motor third party liability insurance, the users of which include the states adjacent to Pridnestrovie. Thus, insurance payments can only be received in the countries of the international protocol. The main issue of concern to the parliamentarians was the implementation of the insurance compensation mechanism, if the damage was caused to a citizen of our republic.

According to the developers of the law-in-draft, if a Pridnestrovian cannot receive compensation for damage to property or health in Moldova (Ukraine), he will be paid compensation from the specially created Foundation (Association of Motor Insurers of Pridnestrovie). In the opinion of the Committee’s deputies, employees of insurance companies should initially represent the interests of the injured Pridnestrovian, in particular, when requesting insurance compensation in another state. Parliamentarians will issue this proposal in the form of an amendment to the draft law. Taking into account the comments, the legislative initiative will be considered at the next plenary session.

In order to improve the motor third-party insurance mechanism, a number of changes to the law on third party liability insurance were proposed by deputy of the Supreme Council Yury Kucherenko. As the representative of the author explained, most of the proposed amendments are related to law enforcement practice. In particular, the draft law proposes to define a clear procedure for signing third party liability insurance contract in electronic form (this mechanism is already in operation), expand the list of cases in which insurance premiums are returned (for example, if the car owner sold his car), update the requirements for insurance companies and insurance agents . Following the discussion, the deputies of the Committee decided to examine in detail the document with the participation of all interested parties.