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What will be the costs?

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


The parliamentarians began to consider the draft republican budget 2018 in the third reading mode. In the course of the meeting of the Committee on agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, natural resources and ecology, deputies discussed the draft state target programs for the next year in their area of expertise: in the road, environmental, agricultural spheres, as well as expenditures on capital investments.

According to the provided by the government information, it is planned to spend 155 million rubles on the development of the road industry. 30% of these will be directed to the stabilization fund to finance socially protected budget items. Expenditures of the Republican Environmental Fund will amount to 4.6 million rubles, taking into account that 20% of the trust fund will be directed to social payments.

Acknowledging the acute shortage of budgetary funds, the deputies called on the executive authorities to rationally allocate financial resources. In particular, the head of the profile committee Oleg Leontyev drew the attention of road workers to the need for more effective planning of maintenance and maintenance of roads.

In the opinion of the deputies of the responsible committee the funds should be spent rationally, a new calculation method, adapted to our realities, is necessary. The committee's proposal is to instruct the government to develop, by March 1, 2018, the standards that will form the basis for the formation of expenses for current repair and maintenance of roads in the future.

Another amendment of deputies concerns an environmental fund. The Chairman of the Committee, Oleg Leontiev, considers it necessary to provide for the state's participation in financing the utilization of pesticides and poisons. The proposal of the head of the committee was supported by the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Efimy Koval. In their opinion, the problem is topical and requires an early solution.

Only 2 million rubles are planned to support the agro-industrial complex in the next year's budget. The means will be directed to the development of the meliorative system. At the same time, the deputies drew attention to the need to support peasant farms.

Having discussed this issue, the parliamentarians decided to prepare a separate legislative initiative aimed at its solution.