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How to repay debts for utilities


One of the issues included to the agenda of the Committee meeting was the additions to the Housing Code of the PMR. They relate to the housing sector, namely debts for utilities.

Currently, there are more than 50 thousand people in housing and communal services. At the same time, the total debt of the population to energy supplying organizations and organizations that manage apartment buildings for services rendered by housing and communal services is more than 150 million of PMR rubles. As a result of non-payment of housing and communal services by consumers, housing and communal organizations incur losses. As a result, work to ensure the reliable functioning and development of public utilities systems is not being fully implemented. According to statistics, the wear of utility networks of electricity, heat, gas, water supply and sanitation is from 70 to 90%.

The deputies of the Committee took the initiative to transfer liabilities for payments for residential premises and utilities when transferring the ownership of the real estate to the new owner. This should be reflected in the relevant contract.

According to the deputies of the Committee, such a scheme will increase the discipline of citizens by an order of magnitude, especially those who systematically do not pay payments, and remove a large layer of problems that exist in housing cooperatives.   When some residents do not pay systematically, neighbors pay this money for them.

One of the main problems that was raised during the discussion of this law-in-draft in the first reading is who will check for debts. Will a citizen have to independently go to enterprises, collect certificates?

It is proposed to devote three months to resolving all issues related to the new procedure for drafting contracts for the sale of real estate, as well as developing by-laws.

The deputies of the Committee at the next plenary meeting will recommend to the Supreme Council to support this law-in-draft and adopt it in the final reading.