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How the compensations are registered for entrepreneurs

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Many people still have not received monetary compensation that individual entrepreneurs are entitled to under the law on state support during the state of emergency, or they received only for part for March. The Supreme Council began to receive complaints that employment centers or tax inspectorates refuse to accept applications or to receive compensation. The deputy corps several times introduced amendments to the law on state support that expanded the list of payees and simplified the filing of documents for entrepreneurs. Now only an application with passport data and a bank account are needed.

So far the situation has not changed. To understand why Pridnestrovian entrepreneurs cannot get the money that were enshrined by law on time, deputies of the Committee on Enterprise and Industry Development today came to the employment center and tax inspection of Tiraspol.

Employees of the Tiraspol Employment Center told parliamentarians about the mechanism for processing applications from entrepreneurs. They explained: the process is often delayed due to inaccurate data and poor copies of documents, and the lack of contact phone numbers inhibits the ability to find out everything accurately. From the employment center, all applications and documents are sent to the tax office. They must confirm the status of the entrepreneur and the period of time when his work was suspended. Only after all these procedures, employees of employment centers begin to calculate the compensation itself. Deputies of the Committee on Entrepreneurship listened to all arguments. The process for processing applications and the payment of benefits by executive authorities will go faster now that the application process is as simple as possible.

The parliamentarian noted that in May the amount of monetary compensation to individual entrepreneurs will be established. Depending on when the entrepreneur resumed his work. The Operational Headquarters began to introduce phased relief of quarantine measures in May.