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Amendments to the Housing Code and the Law on the Status of People's Deputies


Meeting of the Committee on Regional Policy and Housing and Public Utilities took place today. The deputies recommended the legislations for consideration at the plenary session of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in the regime of the first and second readings.

The Regional Policy Committee discussed changes to the Housing Code. Changes and additions were proposed by the deputy Grigory Dyachenko. They assume that the family of the deceased participant in the combat operations for the defense of Pridnestrovie, who was on the preferential line, will retain the right to remain on the preferential line further as in need of better housing conditions. Amendments to the second reading are proposed to extend the right to the families of the deceased combatants in Afghanistan from April 1978 to February 15, 1989, who were in a preferential line for housing.

A package of legislations on amendments to the laws on the status of people's deputies and on local self-government relate to the definition of rules for the release from the main work of a deputy on the day of the meetings of the commission or session.

These and other legislations will be submitted to one of the plenary sessions of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.