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of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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Changes to the regulations and the law on the status of the deputy are being prepared for the second reading


Pridnestrovians’ interests will be represented by 33 deputies In the elected VII convocation of the Supreme Council. Since 2000 (III convocation), 43 people's representatives have worked in the parliament.

Optimization affected the size of the entire deputy corps, including local councils. Parliamentarians became the initiators of changes to the legislation. The main goal is to reduce government spending.

Now it is necessary to bring the laws regulating the work of the deputy corps in accordance with the new realities. Parliamentarians Alexander Korshunov and Grigory Dyachenko were the authors of amendments to the constitutional laws "On the status of a deputy of the Supreme Council" and "On the PMR Government" and the Law "On the regulations of the PMR Supreme Soviet".

The new regulation will make it possible to quickly resolve emerging issues, much attention in the law-in-draft is paid to the control functions of the Supreme Council.

Today the Parliamentary Commission on Rules of Procedure has considered the amendments received for the second reading of the draft laws. Some of them will be recommended by the deputies of the commission to parliamentarians for rejection at a plenary session, some - for adoption. There are also controversial moments, the decision on which will be made by the deputies jointly at one of the next meetings of the PMR Supreme Council.