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Changing the procedure for paying utility bills


Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy discussed the legislative initiative of Anton Onufrienko. He proposed to make a number of changes to the PMR Housing Code. In particular, it is proposed to supplement the Housing Code with a norm that specifies who should carry out the work and who collects fees for maintenance and repair of elevators.

At the moment, a part of the work is provided by the management company, and part - by the specialized organizations "Tiraslift", "Benderylift" and "Rybnitsalift".

In addition, the head of the relevant committee proposed to supplement the Housing Code with a norm that regulates payment for housing and utilities. Under the current law, the rent is paid monthly by the 25th day of the month that follows the expired one. However, at present, modern calculation programs and payment systems allow accepting and accounting for payments until the end of the reporting month without difficulties for accounting. The law-in-draft proposes to establish the possibility of paying for residential premises and utilities on the last day of the month following the expired one.

The law-in-draft proposes to consider information that is posted in electronic form as the basis for paying for residential premises and utilities. Today, electronic service or electronic payment documents are already actively used along with the service on receipt. Many people pay for services online.

Deputies of the relevant committee supported these initiatives and will recommend the Supreme Council to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.