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Exclusion of subjective factors

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


A group of deputies of the Committee on agro-industrial complex proposed to enshrine at the legislative level the procedure for passing the examination for the state of alcoholic intoxication.

“Today, employees of the internal affairs can send a person for a medical examination at their discretion. We consider that an internal affairs officer may have a subjective opinion. Therefore, we assume, as is customary throughout the world, that there should be an on-site certification with the help of special equipment. If a driver does not agree with this examination, he should have the right and the opportunity to go to a medical facility and undergo a professional examination”, emphasized Chairman of the Committee on Agroindustrial Complex, Industry, Housing and Communal Services and Transport Oleg Leontyev.

The initiative of the deputies assumes the entry of this norm from the 1st of January, 2022. The necessary funding will be provided for the purchase of a sufficient number of special devices for employees of the internal affairs bodies when forming the budget for the next year.

The committee will recommend to the Supreme Council to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.