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The Interests of Pridnestrovie in South Ossetia

Комиссия по внешней политике и международным связям


Immediately after the end of the plenary session, the next one was held by the members of the Commission of the Supreme Council on foreign policy and international relations. Participation was attended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie Alexander Stetsyuk.

The first on the agenda was the question of appointing the head of the official representative office of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in the Republic of South Ossetia. It has been functioning in fraternal South Ossetia since 2007 and since March this year the post remained vacant. In this regard, the deputies unanimously voted for the candidacy of Alan Pliev. He is a well-known politician in South Ossetia. During the Georgian-Ossetian conflict he fought in a self-defense detachment. Later he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RSO, was the first deputy minister. For the last six years, he served as the head of the administration of the Tskhinvali region of the republic. His candidacy was approved by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky with the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie.

Members of the parliamentary commission on foreign policy and international relations became the focus of a number of points on the current development strategy of the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic for 2019–2026. They concern the political system and the development of civil society, as well as the international positioning of our republic.

The meeting participants agreed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will prepare an information note on the implementation of the agreements reached within the framework of the negotiations held in the 5 + 2 format and present it to the deputies of the Supreme Council for further discussion.