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Igor Buga "The state media have great potential"


More than a year the founders of the state mass media are the government and the Supreme Council. In accordance with the current legal norms, their managers are called upon to report to their founders on their activities following the calendar year. Reports on the work last year were presented by the chief editors of the "The First Pridnestrovian" television, "Radio 1", the news agency "News of Pridnestrovie", "The Pridnestrovie", "Adevarul Nistryan", "Gomin" newspapers.

During the active discussion of the report of the head of the republican television, the chairman of the committee Igor Buga drew attention to the need to improve the broadcasting grid.

His colleague Andrei Safonov, when reviewing the report of the head of Radio 1, recommended more efforts to expand the distribution area of ​​our state media. This is facilitated by the opportunity to watch Pridnestrovian television, listen to our radio through the global Internet, where these electronic media have their own sites. This is very important, because, as the head of state repeatedly pointed out, Pridnestrovie knows little about even in Russia friendly to us, not to mention the far abroad countries.

The former head of the Olvia-Press news agency, whose successor is "News of Pridnestrovie", the parliamentarian Andrei Safonov recommended that its leader make the agency's website more informative and understandable to users. The editor-in-chief, Alla Ivanchenko, recently approved by the Supreme Council in this capacity, assured that the site will be modernized, improved, adapted in accordance with the wishes of its visitors, the number of which is steadily growing. We also discussed the possibility of returning to the news agency the old name or its combination with the new one.

Alexander Karasev, editor-in-chief of "The Pridnestrovie" newspaper, spoke about new actions, rubrics, topics in the report on work for 2017. One of the main tasks he sees is strengthening the feedback with the reader. To this end, the newspaper conducts reading conferences, meetings in labor collectives, and has organized a watch on the "Direct Line", where the head of a particular state authority (department) communicates directly with the inhabitants of the republic. The reports are then published on the pages of the Saturday issue of the main newspaper of the republic.

The head of the newspaper "Adevarul Nistryan" Sergey Sandu sees the main task of the team as preserving the Moldovan language on its original Cyrillic chart, but through its identity and identity, which, along with Russians and Ukrainians, is a constituent state in Pridnestrovie. The newspaper published in the republic is unique in this respect throughout the world. Its volume in recent years has grown from 4 to 12 bands.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper Gomin, published in the Ukrainian language, Alexander Yushin, characterized the dynamics of its development - "from the local, national to the republican". One of the urgent tasks is to promote the unification of disparate public organizations that have united the Ukrainians of Pridnestrovie under their roof. The editorial team places great hopes on the creation of its own newspaper website.