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Igor Buga, “Such a law should be in the republic”

Комитет по общественным объединениям, спорту, информационной и молодежной политике


The profile committee completed the work on a package of legislations, aimed at perpetuating the memory of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland. It was proposed by deputies of the Supreme Council Igor Buga, Andrei Safonov and Ruslan Gareev. Legislative initiatives, developed by parliamentarians, define the legal basis for searching for the dead and missing in the course of military operations on the territory of the republic at different times; the concept of “those who died defending the Fatherland” is given.

The basic law-in-draft “On perpetuation of the memory of those who died while defending the Fatherland” defines the possible forms of its implementation, measures aimed at defending the heroic past. This arrangement of military graves, the rules of maintenance and care for them, the creation of memorial complexes, museums, search for the identification of the unknown names of the dead defenders. According to the law-in-draft, a single state information system “The Book of Memory” will appear in the republic, in which personal data and other information about the fallen defenders of the Fatherland will be stored.

The package of legislations, including, inter alia, amending the laws “On burial and funeral business”, “On local authorities, local self-government and state administration”, was recommended by deputies of the relevant committee for adoption in the second, final reading.