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Igor Buga, “There is progress, but a lot is to be done”


The editors-in-chief of the republican mass media prepared annual reports on the work done. Today, the leaders of state media spoke in the course of the meeting of the parliamentary committee about public associations, sports, information and youth policy. In their reports, they focused on key achievements and upcoming plans.

Last year was a rich and productive year for the First Pridnestrovian channel. This was told by its editor-in-chief Viktor Savchenko. In 2017, 12 new projects went on the air, and in 2018 another 6 were released. Many previously existing programs were updated. Already in September, the new television season starts, many new interesting ideas are being prepared. According to the editor-in-chief, the skillful alignment of personnel policy made it possible to stop the outflow of specialists. The program of television broadcast was considered. Preference is given to domestic production instead of western films.

"Radio 1" updated broadcasting network. One of the radionows is the two-hour program “Day Therapy”. With various experts in the studio they discuss the latest news, current issues. As noted by Yury Soloviev, editor-in-chief of Radio 1; last year there were more guests than in previous years. Totally, 370 people were involved, including officials, social activists, representatives of working professions. The morning entertainment program "Morning Fresh" is the most popular. The hosts charge Pridnestrovians with a good mood for the whole day on the air.

According to Igor Buga, the main sign that the state radio is developing in the right direction is that they began to listen to the radio. The audience of the News Agency Pridnestrovie has also increased. Last year more than 1 million original visitors visited the site and not only from Pridnestrovie, but also from Russia, Moldova, the USA, the European Union countries. “News of Pridnestrovie” pays special attention to the development of social networks - the most promising direction for modern electronic media.

The newspaper "Pridnestrovie" fought for new readers last year. The circulation of the Saturday issue was 10 thousand copies, the daily number was 1600. The “Direct Line” rubric is becoming more and more popular, the editorial office receives hundreds of calls with questions from readers.

Personnel hunger is experienced by national publications Adevarul Nistrean and Gomin. There are not enough specialists who know the literary Moldavian and Ukrainian languages. Heads of newspapers are tasked to prepare a number of proposals for changing the situation for the better.

According to the deputies of the Committee, the state media should also pay more attention to the promotion of tourism in the country. The reports of editors-in-chief were recommended for approval by the plenary.