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Igor Buga, "The new law will give impetus to search work"

Комитет по общественным объединениям, спорту, информационной и молодежной политике


Deputies Igor Buga, Andrei Safonov, Ruslan Gareev are the authors of a completely new law for the legal basis of the Republic “On perpetuation of the memory of those who died defending the Fatherland”.
 The Council of People's Deputies of the Dubossary District and the City of Dubossary submitted to the profile committee law-in-draft “On Amendments to the Law of the PMR “On Mass Media”. Its essence is in the dissemination of legal norms determining the procedure for the appointment to the post of the chief editor of the state republican mass media and municipal media. As the authors of the law-in-draft noted in the explanatory note, “its adoption will make it possible at the legislative level to determine the organization of the activities of the municipal media, the procedure for the appointment and dismissal of the chief editor of the municipal media”.
Within the framework of the discussion of this issue, the people's representatives expressed their opinion on the inexpediency of adopting law-in-draft initiated by the Dubossary City Council.
Deputies of the responsible committee unanimously voted to reject the law-in-draft. This position was supported by representatives of the State Media Service.
Currently, the law-in-draft “On the republican budget 2019” is under consideration by the Supreme Council committees. Today, its provisions have become the subject of discussion by members of the parliamentary committee on public associations. They had a unanimous opinion about the need for indexation of pensions and wages of public sector employees in the coming year due to an increase in the estimated minimum wage level - 2019, according to Committee members, it should be 8 rubles.40 kopecks, in 2020 - 9 rubles.
Deputies reflected a firm position on the need to increase pensions and salaries in the official conclusion of the Committee on the law-in-draft “On the republican budget 2019”.