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New Regulation of the Supreme Council is being prepared for adoption

Комиссия по мандатам, регламенту и депутатской этике


The Supreme Council will be represented not by 43, but by 33 deputies in the VII convocation. The parliament adopted changes to the legislation last summer. The optimization concerned the entire deputy corps of the republic, including local Soviets. The parliamentarians themselves initiated the legislative innovation. The main goal is to reduce government spending.

In connection with the reduction in the number of deputies of the Supreme Council, the current parliamentary composition is working on adjusting the existing norms related to the activities of the Supreme Council. Parliamentarians Alexander Korshunov and Grigory Dyachenko were the authors of amendments to the constitutional laws "On the status of Deputy of the Supreme Council" and "On the PMR Government" and the law "On the regulations of the PMR Supreme Council". Meeting of the parliamentary commission on mandates, regulations and parliamentary ethics was held today at these initiatives.

The parliamentarian noted that the new regulations will make it possible to more quickly resolve emerging issues in the life of the republic. The time frame for the submission of legislations is reduced, which will allow them to be considered more quickly at plenary sessions of the Supreme Council. In addition, the concept of “parliamentary inquiry” is introduced for the first time. Now the deputies can personally address the state authorities with deputy request or appeal. This mechanism works to clarify situations faced by voters.

The Commission on Mandates, Rules of Procedure and Parliamentary Ethics has prepared draft laws for consideration in the second final reading. The proposed legislations will be considered by the Supreme Council at one of the next plenary sessions.