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The State Program for Regulation of the Number of Stray Animals

Комитет по законодательству, правоохранительным органам, обороне, безопасности, миротворческой деятельности, защите прав и свобод граждан


The President sent to the Supreme Council a draft state program for regulating the number of stray animals. It is calculated until 2024 and implies the capture, sterilization, vaccination and return of animals to their habitat. The problem of stray dogs is long overdue in Pridnestrovie. The issue was repeatedly raised by voters at meetings with deputies. The people's representatives discussed the problem with the President during his visit to the cities and regions of the republic. The most humane way to solve it, according to animal rights activists, is the introduction of the capture-sterilization-vaccination-return method.

Today the Committee on Legislation considered a draft state program, new for the legal field of Pridnestrovie. The deputies will recommend at the plenary meeting to adopt the document in the first reading.

It is noted in the substantiation of the state program that for many years the regulation of the number of neglected animals has been carried out by shooting dogs with darts containing a potent curariform substance (a substance that blocks neuromuscular transmission), as a result of which animals die from suffocation. The document says that more and more budget funds every year are allocated, which are spent on the destruction of dogs, but the situation does not change.

The capture-sterilization-vaccination-return-to-habitat method was developed by the World Health Organization to combat canine rabies. The program presented to the Supreme Council was developed by the Government jointly with the public organization "Center for Assistance to Animals" based on the experience of other countries, including the Russian Federation.

The program defines the joint work of republican and local authorities, organizations, enterprises, entrepreneurs, public animal protection organizations. The events will take place in stages. It is planned in the first year of the program to create only overexposure points, shelters in the future.

Animal shelters in Tiraspol and Bendery will accept applications from the settlements of Slobodzeya district and Dnestrovsk. Shelter in Rybnitsa - from Kamensky, Dubossary and Grigoriopol districts.

The profile committee prepared for consideration in the second reading the law-in-draft of the Bendery City Council "On the maintenance of dogs and regulation of the number of neglected and orphan dogs in the PMR". The document provides a definition for domestic, service, neglected, orphaned and patronized orphan dogs, establishes the basic principles of keeping dogs and regulating the number of neglected and orphan dogs.

It is proposed to introduce compulsory registration for all dogs that have reached the age of one and a half months. The owner is issued a dog's passport. The animal is branded or a chip implanted at the request of the owner.

The law-in-draft also establishes the general conditions for keeping dogs, the procedure for staying with them in public places and on public transport, and introduces compulsory vaccination of dogs against rabies.

A list of the rights and obligations of dog owners is established, as well as a number of prohibited actions, such as cruelty to animals. The procedure for catching dogs is regulated and the general provisions of the work of overexposure points, shelters and kennels for dogs are determined.

The Legislative Committee has prepared 62 amendments for adoption. After the document is considered in the second reading in plenary, the Committee will continue to work on the elimination of stakeholder comments.