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The Guillotine for Administrative Barriers


The new law-in-draft "On Countering Administrative Barriers" was considered for the republic in the Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms. The necessity of adopting this legislative act was argued by its author, the parliamentarian Oleg Vasilaty.

The law-in-draft gives the concept of what an administrative barrier is, proposes a list of measures to identify and remove administrative obstacles, and legislatively prescribes a ban on their establishment. In the author's opinion, the law-in-draft submitted for consideration by the Supreme Council is relevant, because the discussion of amendments to the law "On the organization of the provision of public services" is in parallel. The entire volume of certificates, which today is required from citizens in the framework of relations with the state, will be transferred to a single register of state services. The main objective of this legislative initiative is to eliminate those references and requirements that are superfluous today.

In the opinion of the committee's deputies who supported the law-in-draft, it is relevant and timely. Following the consideration of the legislative initiative, Oleg Vasilaty recommended to adopt it in the first reading.

The profile committee supported legislation, drafted by parliamentarian Yuri Kucherenko. Additions are made to the Civil Code. As the author of the initiative explained, the document provides an opportunity for young citizens to open bank accounts independently from 16 years.

Only adults have the right to open an account on their own in the current legislation. According to the majority of the deputies of the profile committee, the law-in-draft will facilitate the life of both parents and children. Taking into consideration that it is a question of non-cash settlements, any forms of possible abuses can be easily traced. Taking into account expressed opinions, the deputies recommended adopting the law-in-draft in the first reading.