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Galina Antyufeeva, "People should have the opportunity to get legal assistance free of charge"


The meeting of the working group under the parliamentary committee on legislation was devoted to the consideration of a new law for the republic "On free legal assistance". The author is the Deputy of the Supreme Council and the head of the profile committee Galina Antyufeeva was. The parliamentarian noted that during her personal reception, as a Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council, a large number of citizens apply to her, who need legal advice but cannot afford it.

Representatives of the Ministries of Justice, Social Protection and Labor, the Prosecutor's Office, as well as the Human Rights Ombudsman expressed their opinions and proposals on solving the existing problem. With the fact that such a law-in-draft is long overdue, all participants of the workshop agreed. The legislative initiative provides legal basis for the development of the state system of providing free legal aid and determines the right of citizens to receive it. The federal law in Russia operates in this sphere, and the subjects of the Russian Federation establish their volume of providing the population with free legal services.

The representatives of the working group paid special attention to the involvement of the Bar Association in this process. According to the current legislation, only criminal suspects can get a free service of a lawyer. Budget financing is provided for this.

At present, free legal assistance is available at the Pridnestrovian State University. Students and teachers of the Faculty of Law have been working in this direction for the third year.

As the author of the legislative initiative noted, such categories of citizens as veterans of the Great Patriotic War, participants in hostilities, people with disabilities often need free legal assistance. The parliamentarian supposes the law-in-draft also needs to be taken into account.

The work on it will continue taking into account the comments and suggestions. The next meeting of the working group is scheduled for next week.