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In the course of the discussion


Parliamentarians continue to discuss the draft concept of fiscal and tax policies for 2018 and the medium term. Earlier, the document has arrived in parliament two weeks ago and has been adopted in the first reading during last plenary session. After that, the parliamentary committees began to formulate amendments. Several joint workshops were held under the leadership of the Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba. Conceptual proposals of parliamentarians were discussed today at the meeting of the responsible committee for economic policy, budget and finance with the participation of government representatives as the developer of the basic document.

A position different from the government was formed among the people's deputies regarding the state policy in the sphere of public health. In their opinion, not only cardinal reform is needed, but a segmental approach to changing the existing system, including taking into account the elements of insurance medicine. His vision of the deputy corps and the development of individual entrepreneurship: in the framework of built measures to support small businesses. Supported the responsible committee and the amendment of fellow parliamentarians to include in the draft concept an additional chapter defining the procedure for implementing the document.

During the consideration of the draft concept MPs drew the developer's attention to the conceptual changes in the legislation, which in the near future is planned to be implemented in the system of public expenditure. The draft of a new Law on Public Procurement for the republic, the final reading of which is planned within the framework of tomorrow's plenary session, will allow spending the state budget more efficiently and openly. This is also an element of budgetary policy.

Presenting the position of the author, Minister of Economic Development Sergei Obolonik agreed that many of the comments made have a rational grain, but for their qualitative consideration, time is needed. The results of tomorrow's plenary session will show in what form the Supreme Council will support the draft concept of fiscal and tax policy.