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The Unified State Examination: the legislation amendment

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture considered a package of legislations, developed by Mikhail Burla. The main goal - is to legislatively consolidate the procedure for passing the state final certification in the form of USE in schools, as well as admission to study in universities. According to the law-in-draft it is planned from this academic year to cancel the additional USE - on the subject to choose from. There remain only two compulsory subjects - the native language (Russian, Moldovan or Ukrainian) and mathematics.

As it was noted during the meeting of the responsible committee, the current format for holding final and introductory tests has negative consequences and needs to be adjusted. More than once they talked about the need to change the existing practice in the Supreme Council, including at the site of the profile committee. Understanding in this issue was achieved with the current leadership of the Ministry of Health. The most convenient mechanism was developed jointly. It is planned to cancel the additional USE and leave two compulsory subjects. What will the applicants receive during the admission, universities will determine independently.

It is also worth noting that graduates will take math without dividing into a basic and more complex, profile level. Earlier this complicated the admission to some specialties.

Corresponding amendments will be made to the laws "On Higher and Post-Graduate Professional Education" and "On Education".