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Additional measures of state support

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


The state is ready to provide financial support to public catering enterprises, transport companies and health resort establishments of the republic. The law-in-draft, proposed by the Government, was discussed today at an online meeting by the deputies of the Committee on Economic Policy.

The organizations that were offered to support were forced to suspend their activities during the state of emergency and quarantine. We are talking, in particular, about the Tiraspol children's food factory "Shkolnik", the "Dnestr" sanatorium in Kamenka, the health-improving complex "Dnestrovskie Zori". These organizations could not work and receive income. In order to retain staff, enterprises paid for downtime for their employees. However, the quarantine measures continue, so the financial condition is getting worse. Currently, the amount of income that organizations receive from the provision of services is insufficient to cover all costs. In this regard, the state is ready to pay part of the costs for the downtime at the expense of the republican budget. Each full-time employee will be paid 50% of the minimum wage.

In addition, it is proposed to extend the term of preferential crediting for the purpose of paying wages. The norm will apply to transport organizations that carry passengers, as well as catering establishments in general education organizations. The law-in-draft proposes to set the maturity date for soft loans for such organizations until June 30, 2021.

The Economic Policy Committee will recommend to the Supreme Council to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.