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Additions to the norms of the Land Code

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


The Government proposed to allow construction on leased land plots. Additions to the Land Code of the PMR were discussed today in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex, Industry, Housing and Communal Services, Transport, Construction and Natural Resources.

Currently, the Land Code defines the intended use of land plots provided for rent. Citizens have the right to receive land plots for rent:

- for the organization of peasant or farm enterprise;

- for running a personal subsidiary farm;

- for individual or collective gardening;

- for individual or collective animal husbandry;

- for re-registration of previously provided land plots.

At the same time, the Land Code stipulates that land plots can be leased to citizens and legal entities for the construction of capital structures exclusively on common lands. These are lands of settlements, which are used as paths for pedestrian and transport communications. That is, squares, streets, embankments, parks, boulevards, squares, reservoirs, beaches. It is impossible to organize a peasant or farm economy, to conduct personal subsidiary farming on public lands, according to the law. 

According to the developers of the initiative, the adoption of this law-in-draft will allow the transfer of land plots for other purposes, including for the construction of capital structures, thereby replenishing the state budgets of various levels. Rent for land plots provided to individuals goes to the local budget in the amount of 100%, and those provided to legal entities - 70% to the local and 30% to the republican budgets.

Deputies of the relevant committee will recommend the Supreme Council to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading. Work on amendments to the Land Code will continue.